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Challenges with IT Consulting Firms & the New Breed

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As 2016 quickly approaches, we wanted to explore some of the challenges facing the IT consulting industry, and offer some advice to companies that are looking to partner with an experienced firm on their upcoming digital transformation projects.

Two Challenges facing IT consulting firms:


1. They Are Not Focused on the User Experience

Some IT consulting firms push forward with the new solution, the focus is completely on the technology and not the user experience. They forget about working with the client to make sure the end user experience will be efficient and drive the intended actions/results. For example, they might fast-track a mobile application intended for consumers, but not perform enough user testing to be sure the app is simple, fun, and engaging.

The fundamental questions need to be asked. Do the customers want this tool? And if “yes”, how do we make their experience amazing? A knowledgable IT consulting firm will tailor the user experience according to the goals of the client or particular technology tool. Are they designing a process to capture leads? Then it needs to be fast and simple, with a good hook to capture attention. Is the project an immersive mobile application? It needs to be intuitive and multi-layered, so users have several options and paths they can take to entertain themselves and/or make purchases.

The experience of internal staff are also important. IT consulting firms that build CRM or document management solutions must consider the goals and daily tasks of the internal users to ensure the tools the implement help staff get from A to B as fast as possible. When evaluating an IT consulting firm, be sure their team talks early and often about the user experience and has the experience and case studies to back it up.


2. Business Needs are Not Fully Understood

Consulting requires business expertise, but the process is simple. Firms should be taking time in the initial stages to meet with your business leaders and to really understand your needs, current challenges, and how they can help you improve your situation. Too many IT consulting firms don’t take the time to understand the business needs of every client, which vary greatly based on their industry and current market position. Many consultancies fail because they only present cookie-cutter solutions which aren’t tailored to needs.

Consider a client that needs to pull in more sales leads. A quick solution is to recommend a CRM system and have the client dive in to capture the most leads as possible. However, the best approach is to consider all of the business needs as a whole. So you can use CRM to capture leads, but the system has to be; customized to be efficient for the sales team, integrated with billing to streamline accounting tasks, and connected to document management solutions to allow remote access to quotes and content.

Successful IT consluting firms recognize that business needs are interconnected and interdependent. They then look at the complete picture to help companies realize the most gains from their capital and time investments.


The TechBlocks Approach to IT Consulting

TechBlocks is a new breed of consulting firm (even though we’ve been around a while). We combine deep IT knowledge of several disciplines with the business acumen necessary to build customer-focused solutions. We understand the frantic pace of business and technological change, and know that companies must always be customer centric with all of their activities. The key is to create positive and engaging customer experiences, where their needs are met faster and more efficiently while also being entertaining. We guide companies on implementing the right technology tools so they can deliver products to market faster and provide customers with the rich and efficient experiences that they crave.


Technology -  Strategy - Design

The TechBlocks way is to blend the right technology with a well-planned customer-centric strategy, and then to implement a design aesthetic which is user friendly and efficient. When this comes together, it can be very impactful for businesses that need to modernize and want to encourage quick and easy internaland external adoption.

Choosing the right IT consulting firm can be a challenge. You need to find the right cultural fit and a team with years of experience who understands your industry and how to overcome any difficulties.  Leverage the experience of the TechBlocks team who can help you develop solutions for cloud, mobile and CRM.

Contact us to learn more today. 


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