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Getting Optimal ROI Benefits out of Office 365

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Adoption of Office 365 has been brisk as companies see the benefit of migrating from Google and other ecosystems, in favor of a unified and consistent work platform. Let’s examine some ways companies can generate more ROI by using the full features of the platform, especially compared to the ingrained costs with the traditional on-premises Office suite.

Improved Mobility

Modern companies need platforms that provide them with enhanced mobility, as the workforce goes “remote” and staff members need constant access to processes and data.

Consider the ROI benefits of increased mobility:

Measurable improvements in worker productivity, which directly impacts ROI

  • Higher employee satisfaction rates due to loosening of BYOD restrictions and the offering of more work-from-home opportunities
  • Less user downtime by eliminating the need for remote workers to constantly check-in with on-premise solutions

Companies currently utilizing Office 365 can further improve ROI by looking at remote work arrangements and ensuring staff members who are out in the field have the technology devices they need for efficient remote access. Consider a sales person in the construction field who tells the site manager they’ll “email them some specs later” compared to one that can show the specs immediately on a tablet. By developing easily accessible and relevant content, companies can further leverage ROI out of Office 365’s ability to provide instant access to any remote worker. 

Enhanced Social

Mirroring the immediate connectivity of people in their personal lives through modern smartphones, businesses are now shifting to a more collaborative and socially-focused stance. Companies can use the Office 365 suite to improve knowledge sharing and boost productivity through social interactions.

Yammer and Skype for Business offer social collaboration tools that improve engagement across the business and with partners. And, companies are seeing value in eliminating other web conferencing or collaboration solutions and fully embracing the capabilities of Office 365.

Engagement and Effectiveness

Additional Office 365 ROI can come from improvements in staff engagement and their effectiveness. The platform offers a wide range of tools and functions, and companies that fully engage with all it has to offer will stand the most to gain.

  • Develop accelerated workflows and streamlined processes so workers can instantly manage documents and ensure edits and adjustments are completed dynamically. This leads to quicker decision making and the ability to bring ideas/products to market faster. 
  • Engage employees through interdepartmental communication tools such as Office 365 Video and Yammer. Companies utilize these services to develop for example dialogue between C-level executives and the rest of the workforce, to encourage more transparent communication and Q&A. 
  • Encourage staff to leverage self-service learning content creation and distribution are more engaged in the learning process and more willing to share content with others. 
  • Widespread usage of Office 365 means users across the company enjoy the same experience, instead of them working with various mismatched software versions. This increases productivity, collaboration and security, and reduces the time IT needs to spend with support. Instead, IT can focus on revenue generation.

Scale without Worry

Companies that are growing and recently switched to Office 365 might have concerns about the scalability of the platform. With the cloud-based Office 365, there’s no limitations in terms of capacity. The company can simply add on storage and infrastructure through its trusted vendor, and not worry about any tech limits. This immediately-accessible scaling represents a massive ROI opportunity, as businesses can grow freely and quickly, perhaps taking on a merger or acquisition, or simply giving them the ability to expand to new markets.

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