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Self-Serve & Mobile Analytics for Business Intelligence

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Tech companies recognize that mobile has transformed how people work and interact, so they are making sure mobile access and self-service portals are “baked in” to any of their new platforms. Within BI, this trend was noted years ago. There are considerable benefits of both self-service portals and mobile analytics within BI platforms that can provide businesses with transformative insights.

Mobile Analytics

Several BI platforms offer full-featured mobile analytics, including Microsoft’s Power BI, a collection of online services and features that enables users to find and visualize data as well as collaborate. Offered as an application, Power BI allows users to access analytics data within minutes. Key features of this platform and broader benefits of mobile analytics in BI include:

  • Personalized dashboards and reports that are based in the cloud can be viewed anywhere. Customization through the cloud means data is presented in the most relevant way for the individual user. Marketing can see customer metrics, sales can see revenue numbers, and customer service can view insights into buying trends or items that are most frequently returned.
  • The cloud enables a seamless connection between desktop and mobile, so analytics can be accessed and shared between various channels.
  • Remote access to BI analytics through mobile devices can transform decision making in the field. For example, mining or construction workers can better plan work in real time and retail staff can adjust sales and promotions to accommodate trends. Insights no longer need to trickle down from IT to corporate marketing, to the field. Mobile access provides unfiltered yet powerful data in the palm of your hand.
  • Real-time decision making means a more satisfied and informed customer, which is the end goal of any business.

Self-Service Analytics

The offering of business insights that can be pulled in a self-service portal reflects an ongoing trend. Tech tools become more powerful, but the “tech” mainly happens on the back end, meaning the non-technical user can pull valuable information from the solution through an easy-to-use UI. BI solutions should be built so they offer self-service analytics with a focus on business metrics and results. The platforms should be purpose-built to help users see how their company is performing, the reasons for the performance, and insights into what can be fixed/continued to adjust or maintain the performance.

Companies that are looking for a powerful BI solution with self-serve analytics should consider these following features as paramount when selecting a platform:

  • It’s all about the UI. The tool must be simple to use, yet provide powerful analytics. There should be an intuitiveness to the platform that will encourage widespread adoption throughout the organization.
  • Business change moves quickly, and self-serve analytics allows companies to spot and respond to trends as they happen, not weeks or months later.
  • Self-serve platforms free up time for IT to focus on other revenue-generating projects. Consider BI platforms that require minimal integration or ongoing maintenance.
  • Discoveries can come from combining data from various sources. Self-serve platforms such as Power BI allow users to compile various data sets from Excel and then pull relevant insights.
  • Power BI integrates with Office 365 for simple online sharing and collaboration. Data can be securely shared across geographic barriers, making it ideal for remote global workforces.


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